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Mick Jagger

  YD’s Who Said It? where we post a quote and you guess the person who said it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments! This edition is brought to you by the powers of music that be and your inner hairbrush microphone rock star. One of these rock and poppers feeds his healthy habit [...]


It was surprising enough to learn last year that Mick Jagger has beauty secrets, let alone does yoga to stay fit and keep calm in between spurts of explosive energy and hip gyrations. It seems Mick’s yogi roots grow deeper than we thought.


‘It’s too debilitating to drink a lot, so I use other relaxation techniques. I sit on my own, calm down, take stock.” Rolling Stone and recent Sanskrit singer Mick Jagger isn’t just all fickle rockstar about Indian traditions. It turns out the freshly turned 68-year-old British wonder of rock ‘n science prefers meditation and yoga [...]


Not to be outdone in the ever ongoing Beatles vs Rolling Stones debate, Mick Jagger has gone ahead and matched his brit brother, John Lennon’s “Jai guru deva om” with a bit of his own Sanskrit singing.  In fact, he’s formed a super group! SuperHeavy members include Dave Stewart, Joss Stone, Damian Marley and Indian [...]