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Hello Yoga, you wanted acceptance? Here you go! But it’s gonna cost ya! Life just got a little bit stricter, and costlier, for Michigan yoga studios hoping to make a healthy buck training new yoga teachers. The state Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth has caught wind of this here yoga boom and wants [...]


Last week we heard Song of the Morning Ranch was being sued by the state of Michigan for opening their privately owned dam on the Pigeon River and consequently causing a mass genocide of the trout population. It marked the third fish kill incident for this dam in the past 50 years, with the last [...]


Song of the Morning Ranch* is being sued by the state of Michigan for lapse of management of a private dam on their property. The state and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality say the center released water and sediment in June 2008 which caused a large fish kill either due to lack of oxygen [...]

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