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Michelle Obama

Fox News have been on a role lately…when not chasing the ‘making sex better’ yoga beat, they come through with an almost-as-sexy Michelle Obama + Harry Reid= presidential yoga duo! OK, not sexy (in the least), but it’s all for the kids, folks. As part of the First Lady’s “Let’s Move!” initiative to battle childhood [...]

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It’s Friday! That’s great! Or maybe just “Good”? get it? Whatever your plans for the weekend we hope you take the time to reflect on what’s most important, sunshine, savasana and treats! (kidding! sorta) Seriously though, if you want to dork out about the origin of “Easter”, or “Eastre” as the goddess was known in [...]


Touring the country to promote her Let’s Move campaign to fight childhood obesity, the First Lady of yoga*, Michelle Obama, was spotted at a DC soccer clinic last week looking buff in an all black yoga getup. Since every stitch of clothing this woman wears is noted and archived in the annals of presidential fashion, [...]


First Grandma Brings Yoga To White House: First Lady Michelle’s Mama, the grand Marian Robinson, has finally made the move to White House living, but not without a fight! And lament for her Chi-town yoga class. [President Obama’s Mother-in-law] moved into the White House “kicking and screaming,” said her son, Craig Robinson. She had never [...]