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metal yoga

Some people hate yoga. Some people hate it so much they need to do it in the back of a bar against the soundtrack of death metal music and devil horns in order to enjoy it. For the author of this piece about Metal Yoga, that hatred ran deep, and the cure was just a [...]


Yoga and black metal music join forces in the underworld, aka Texas. Instead of flowers and lavender, students are met with candles and skulls and a yoga teacher wearing satanic robes. Black Yoga is the brainchild of dark forces guide Amy Patton who developed her black metal soundtracked classes to appeal to people who aren’t into [...]


Speaking of the ultimate yoga class playlist, how about the sweet serenading of Metallica or the peaceful purr of Slayer or Anthrax? Welcome to Heavy Metal Yoga. “Listen to metal. Do yoga. Melt your face off in a very relaxing and healing way,” is usually what gets us on our mats, we don’t know about [...]