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Heavens to Kali, these are mighty stressful times. It’s like our everyday stresses were just eaten by an even bigger—hUger—stress monster with no easy path to relief in sight. That may seem like the case, but in these tumultuous times, it’s even more important to find a way to decompress and de-stress so we can feel [...]


If you find yourself bidding “good riddance!” to 2016 and clinging to the positive notion that 2017 will be better (or desperately hoping it will be) we have just the thing for you. It even sounds nice. NPR is once again running their Ads for Nicer Living project and they’re looking for your ad pitches [...]


We love quick, to the point how-to meditation videos. They’re super helpful! Give us some adorable animation to boot and we are happy meditating campers. This cute “Meditation 101” video from Happify isn’t a guided meditation per se but it will help guide you on your way towards a regular meditation practice, especially if you’ve [...]


“Just giving [a] banana doesn’t work.” – Mingyur Rinpoche Meditation is intimidating to a lot of people, and likely the reason many don’t even attempt try it. How can I possibly STILL my mind and think of NOTHING? But, hey sad eyes, don’t get discouraged. Here’s the trick, you don’t have to! We’ve seen and [...]


This is some much-needed fantastic news you can share with all your friends and family…and, no, it has nothing to do with putting your feet over your head, Uncle Charlie. A recent study found that yoga, yes yoga, is better at keeping your memory sharp than all those puzzles and brain training apps you download [...]


Can we just start by saying we love…lurrve…<3 Bernadette Peters? She’s a fab actress and singer, and she oozes that magical star quality and classy old time Hollywood glamour not easily found these days. On top of this, she’s a staunch supporter of Broadway and is co-founder of a charity event called Broadway Barks to [...]


Actress Kate Hudson (aka Penny Lane 4eva) is meditation’s latest celebrity advocate. “Meditation has saved my sanity,” Hudson writes in her new book, Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body. “…In this world of hyperspeed, overstimulation, no escape from technology, and constant emotional stress, it’s very hard to stay centered and grounded,” she adds, via an excerpt [...]


by Jillian Pransky Autumn is a time of transformation in the environment. And nature outside always affects our nature inside us. As the trees go back into their roots, we are also afforded the opportunity to draw in, retreat, reflect and reconnect. In fact, many spiritual traditions use this season to reflect on behavior and [...]


by Ann Purcell This term “self-realization” is used and asked about quite often. I see no wrong answers to this question, however there are certainly different layers to its meaning and understanding. The term “self-realization” is often related to the concepts of self-actualization, self-discovery, self-reflection and self-exploration. In this article I will be expressing what [...]