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Matthew Remski

Yoga is a wonderful tool, but “it hasn’t all been roses” as author, yoga teacher and prominent yoga blogger Matthew Remski points out in his promo video for the forthcoming book, What Are We Actually Doing in Asana?. Modern Postural Yoga (or MPY as Remski refers to it) is what we know as our contemporary and [...]


It’s come to our attention that an Indian guru has been sitting in a freezer since January and may or may not be dead and/or deeply meditating.


The following is an excerpt from Matthew Remski’s Threads of Yoga: A Remix of Patanjali’s Sutras, With Commentary and Reverie, a new translation using contemporary philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience to “remix” the ancient text for the modern age.  From the epilogue: 8.5 how I got here In the section “what is meditation for”, I described how I’d [...]