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Matthew McConaughey

File this in the ‘Oh really?’ FYI category… Coconut water is everywhere! Not just your local Bikram studio anymore. Just ask the huge redheaded Rihanna at all the bus stops. So, coco-hydraters out there, what’s all the fuzz about anyway? An in-depth article at Slate takes a stab at how folks have become so coo coo [...]


Lookout! Celebriyogi: armed and dangerous! He’s no Jon Gosselin. What, you thought every movie star was into PDY? (public display of yoga). Poor Jude Law just wanted to get in his daily yoga practice and those darned snooping NYU kids just won’t leave him be! Ogling the studly Brit from their Hayden dorm rooms in [...]


Gawker get their snarkypants in a twist over Josh Lucas‘ latest heralding of yoga in a recent article. But hey, Josh, we hear ya bro. Lucas, who comes from an interesting childhood where his ‘hippie’ parents were assiduous social activists (when Josh was 11 his dad chained himself to train tracks over the nuclear-material-carrying ‘White [...]


Famous toking moviestar and the often shirtless, Matthew McConaughey, put on a little beach yoga show over the weekend with his pup, BJ, who preferred sand burrowing to beach doga. Onlookers had a laugh at McConaughey’s intense concentration, but we think it was probably the backwards visor – that guy is so Surftown USA, we [...]