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Martha Stewart

Ever wonder what it would be like to take a yoga class with the domestic force that is Martha “it’s a good thing” Stewart? We wouldn’t want to have our alignment critiqued by the grand dame of perfection. A brave soul, Katherine Rosman, donned her thickest annamaya kosha to satisfy her curiosity and report back from an early morning yoga sesh with M. Diddy herself.

“If the idea of witnessing the world’s most perfect perfectionist urging uncritical self-reflection upon the masses doesn’t command the attention of a yoga columnist, I’m not sure what does,” Rosman wrote in her Wall Street Journal report from the mat.


If you’ve been living under a pesky pile of paperwork rather than atop your mat, you mayn’t be hip to the 10 hottest new yoga styles. Lucky for you, our five-part series will break it all down into something digestible: a veritable yoga smorgasbord. Think of these first two styles as the holy yogic grail. [...]


And so you ask, what’s a Monday without a little Martha Stewart yoga? To which we say, just another day of living! Thanks to all that is good we get a snippet, albeit brief, of the domestic maven, Lady Martha Stewart, and her yoga partner, American design queen, Donna Karan. The clip is from Sunday [...]


Gah! Did we really leave Martha Stewart off The List? For shame. How were we to know the magnate of better living would be yoga-ing it up with Sting‘s yoga-partner-in-life Trudie Styler? We weren’t invited! Last time we saw Madame Martha in her stretchy pants she was demonstrating some awkward maneuvers with a dog. Doga [...]


Fastidious mogul Martha Stewart focused yesterday’s show on tips to “Stress Less” which included a segment on yoga, more specifically “partner yoga” …with your pup. Now as much as we’d like a furry friend, our tiny apartment and harebrained schedule don’t facilitate dog ownership at the moment. And so, it’s safe to say we have [...]