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Marijuana is getting more legal, but is smoking pot and yoga kosher? Formalities and legalities aside, the once stoner-scented trend of getting high before yoga class is now turning into a legit phenomenon. No longer a punch line, yogis are lining up for “enhanced” yoga classes. Well, at least they are in San Francisco.


Not your average “sticky mat” this yoga mat made from natural hemp seeks to be your new favorite eco-conscious, sweat-absorbing, washing machine-friendly practice partner. So, hemp. It’s natural, it’s earth-friendly, it has a ton of uses from food to clothing to building materials and, until recently, its growth and harvest was illegal in America. Yep. [...]


What? Pot is legal?! Crazy, right? Last night voters in both Colorado and Washington voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana while Massachusetts OK’d medical use joining 17 other states and Washington DC . (Oregon, Montana and Arkansas had it up for vote as well and decided nay). The recreational thing is huge though. It’s like our peace-lovin’, granola eating, hippy yogi living-in-a-commune foremothers and fathers’ dream come true!


Like we needed more evidence to declare yoga festivals our modern day Woodstock meets Burning Man meets neo yoga revival camp. These kids have gone so beyond smoking reefer before class they’re imagining it.

Yoga enthusiasts at this year’s Wanderlust Whistler in Canada were treated to home town and beloved teacher Eoin Finn’s serendipitously intoxicating “Intention Joint.” Huh?


Though the concept of stoner yoga is hardly new (we hear the 60s and 70s were pret-ty trippy) organized classes offered regularly on a studio’s schedule is certainly an interesting new phenomenon. The Daily gives us a look through the haze at Brazilian Yoga and Pilates in LA (where else!) where 420 yoga is lighting up the town.


Twenty-eight-year-old Vaughn Barnett from Colorado got lucky (enlightened?) yesterday when a judge handed him a sentencing break: just 30 more days in jail. His crime? Possessing 11 pounds of marijuana and attempting to mail it to a post office in Snowmass in 2010. His good behavior? Yoga.


“Every Monday night, I get together with my girlfriends – all moms with demanding careers  – and get stoned. Then we do yoga. That’s right, stoned yoga. Or stoga, as we call it.” New motherhood blog Mommyish dishes on how doobs and downdogs go together like girlfriends and gossip, literally. And it all started when…waaait…(cough) [...]


You’re going to love this one. Get your yoga high…with marijuana! And, meditation too, of course. Some folks, we know, already get recreational with  ‘enhanced inhales’ to deepen their yogic experience, but how about a class that actually requires that you light up? It’s true! On the long list of yoga mashups comes the most [...]