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Oh we may like to gossip about our Hollywood Celebriyogis, but come hither team YD, lend your ear as we impart to you the ushering in of a new era. Indeed, a new breed of yoga superstars is afoot; welcome to Yog-Idol where not all teachers have the right amount of razzle dazzle. Well not [...]


There’s all this talk making the usual media rounds of alternative therapies vs. conventional, traditional, board-certified yadda yadda, but the conversation just seems to go round in circles. Today we aim to stop the insanity with one simple word, INTEGRATIVE, meaning complementary, meaning there isn’t a cure-all so quit it! An article in yesterday’s Washington [...]

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Here we go again. TIME mag inducing the “Ugh” factor. oh man we have so much to say about this…our sharp tongues are piqued. Sadly we just can’t expect TIME to bring us any relevant yoga news anymore. We mean no malice, but they already muddled the little part about YogaWorks opening up a NYC [...]


Splurging on luxury is a real no-no in this crap economy, but what if it’s for a self-helpy learning experience? If we’ve gained anything from the Recession, and the coinciding bubble of yoga in America, it’s that self-medication has no price tag. And a Reuters story like this is destined for syndication and a massive [...]


Thanks to YogaBear for alerting us to this… We’ve been yapping lately about Yoga going mainstream, mostly in pop culture. Now we’re talking health…making us insane in the membrane. Read on… First the good news: TIME magazine published an article yesterday highlighting the burgeoning field of Yoga Therapy –  the frontier of psychotherapy+yoga combo. Admittedly, [...]