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Madan Kataria

We’ve heard of airport yoga, but this is just hysterical. And here we were just extolling laughter yoga for helping veterans heal. One thing we know for sure, it can happen anywhere at anytime! As evidenced by this passerby’s recording of an impromptu laughter yoga session held at JFK airport when frustrated passengers were delayed [...]


It’s Daylight Savings Time again! We may lose an hour this weekend, but the bright side is it means spring is nigh! While the impetus behind setting the clocks ahead was to save energy costs (more daylight hours+ideal universe=less use of electricity) the shift in time has more of an impact than we were aware [...]


Hey you remember Dr. Kataria right? He’s the jolly fella leading the yuk yuks on World Laughter Day (and was also featured as the Guru of giggles in EnlightenUp!) Indeed, he’s the merry man of mirth! In true laughter yoga/ ‘Because It’s…’ form please enjoy your Tuesday pre-lunch belly jiggling, motor boat style! Yeah, that’s [...]


Here’s a question for you, is World Laughter Day still funny the day after? As the NY Daily News points out there’s much to NOT laugh about: like recession, swine flu, and RAIN. Good grief! But even stone-faced NYers made their way out to crack a smile and a few ribs in Central Park yesterday [...]

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