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We took a critical side eye to the ginormous yoga clothing commercial that happened last week in Central Park. We took issue with the unabashed marketing saturated in white (or white light, depending on which side of the yellow branded mat you’re standing on) with no clear message besides that of the sponsors. But, indeed, [...]


On September 2nd, 10,000 yogis dressed in their uniform white, marched to Central Park’s Great Lawn, took their designated spots on their regimented yellow mats, sipped their sponsored Fiji water, and saluted the sun for the cameras. It was a glorious day, and man is it one creepy way to advertise your yoga clothing brand. [...]


Lole, a fellow Canadian yoga lifestyle brand making a run for Lululemon’s market, is making a statement with their third annual White Tour. This year they’re taking over five different art museums in five cities – Barcelona, New York, Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton – in order to promote “peace and well-being.”