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Yoga Teacher Training: Vocational? Or Avocational? Update! The licensing battle of VA Yoga studios VS. the State is getting hairy – Three yoga teachers have moved to sue! Operating on the defense that regulating YTT is “just dumb” and that any sort of state clampdown is a threat to free speech, VA yoga teachers are [...]


This Just In! Missouri next in the yoga taxation smackdown! Texas to follow in licensing regulation. Kansas City, MO (via KCStar): “The Department of Revenue on Sunday began enforcing collection of a 4-percent tax on yoga and Pilates classes…” Why? Because they are now considered commercial and places of “amusement, entertainment or recreation.” But Debbie [...]


Hear ye! Hear ye! We have most fortunate news! NY Studios are off the licensing hook! (pretty much, just need the little ol bill to get the full pass) Exemptions have been introduced and plans that would have had yoga studios (with teacher training programs) paying the gov through the nadis, including $50,000 fines, have been dropped. [...]


Yogis doin’ it for themselves. VA edition. Way back at the end of June we incited VA yogis to follow NY and unite! Though we’re pretty sure it didn’t take much coaxing to set the letter-writing campaign to Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D) et al in motion, as well as rally the troops online at [...]


Licensing issues have got many yoga studios across the country chanting obscenities, but NY is leading the way for ACTION. We are delighted and honored to once again present our guest and noted yogi-blogger, Joelle Hann of Yoga Nation, who will catch us up to speed on the latest in The State vs. Yoga Licensing [...]


While we in NY toil away in bemoaning the state’s lack of foresight and overall asininity on licensing (catch yourself up here), brethren yogis down in VA are tackling their own version of money-grabasana. Double Dog Yoga Blog (Julia Kalish) has the lowdown on hoops and ring-around-the-rosies yoga studios face down in the lovers’ state. [...]


It is with great pleasure, and gratitude, that we welcome a guest post today! Blogger Extraordinaire, Joelle Hann, of the illustrious Yoga Nation, will take you through the treacherous twists and turns NY State has strewn out for teachers and studios trying to provide training. It is so Action Time! Read on for significant updates [...]


Crap. Unfortunately, we really can’t say we couldn’t have seen this coming. After Michigan licensing and the Washington taxes tackle…well. Right, so here we go… The State has gone ahead and pulled the mat out from under NY yoga studios, those that have been, or were hoping to start, raking in profits from training commoners [...]


Hello Yoga, you wanted acceptance? Here you go! But it’s gonna cost ya! Life just got a little bit stricter, and costlier, for Michigan yoga studios hoping to make a healthy buck training new yoga teachers. The state Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth has caught wind of this here yoga boom and wants [...]