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A new press release from The Texas Yoga Association re: ongoing regulation battle, addressing stance on professional standards, yoga within the medical community and the corporate slippery slope. Previously…Opinion: In Response to Texas Yoga Regulation, Why the Brouhaha? —– After a press release and email inquiry sent to many top yoga teachers around the United States from a [...]


Tally yo!(ga) Texas is on the march against state government regulation over yoga teacher training. We received this missive in our inbox yesterday: March 2011 (Austin, TX) – Over 1,500 Texans have signed a petition sponsored by the Texas Yoga Association (TYA) to pass House Bills No. 1839 by Representative Phillips and 2167 by Representative [...]


Free to Om. Oh it is so official. Governor Paterson has signed the bill! NY yogis (studios with teacher trainings) are now lawfully exempt from government regulation and costly licensing fees. Karate instructors can rejoice as well (they’re included!) as NY Governor David P-dog signed the legislation just earlier today. “This legislation is important in [...]


Earlier this month we reported that the bill passed through the Senate and State Assembly. Now NY Yogis anxiously await Governor Paterson’s signature on the dang thing so it can be official: yoga teacher training will be exempt from state government regulation — along with martial arts so we found out: Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal [...]


We just got word… Yoga bill has passed through the Senate just moments ago! Developing… Via Yoga For NY’s facebook page: HOORAY!!! Our bill passed the Senate just minutes ago! A huge thank you to all of our helpers. One more step to go… UPDATE 5:30pm: full article via nysenate.gov… Senate Passes Bill To Protect [...]


UPDATE 3/11/10: VA Gov. Robert F. McDonnell signed the bill Tuesday night…(WashingtonPost) Hear ye! Hear ye! We just got word from Suzanne Leitner-Wise…the Senate bill has passed! Based on the constitutional right to freedom of speech VA yoga teachers beat the gov for exemption from regulation and from falling under the terms of “vocation” in [...]


The mission is underway and you can help! Haven’t been keeping up? Read about it here and here. In short, NY State is in the process of shaking down yoga studios for cash and control over teacher training programs. Yoga for NY is an organization of teachers and studios across the state rallying together to [...]


PLEASE NOTE: Event has been postponed. more info as it comes! Remember all that hubbub over NY State trying to regulate yoga studios and enforce licensing fees for teacher training programs? Well the end of ’09 saw the shiny light of victory with the swift and nimble action taken by the newly formed org, Yoga [...]


MO: [LATimes] “The state, which views the discipline as strictly recreational, has levied a 4% tax on studio owners and instructors. But yogis say their pastime should be exempt as a spiritual pursuit.” Earlier…Missouri Taxes Studios, Texas to Join in Licensing Battle, Everyone Tries to Define Yoga VA: Yesterday there was a Washington Post editorial [...]