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Les Leventhal

It’s when yogis get locked into the museum after hours and all the animals and exhibits come to life and wreak harmony in artifactual yoga! Just kidding. It’s yoga at some of the coolest museums in the country led by some of the name-droppingest yoga teachers of today. Hosted by none other than Flavorpill, the [...]


Here’s a fun one! On this Wednesday afternoon – as we’re pining for Friday to get here already! – comes the eternal question of the (happy) hour, “To booze or not to booze before yoga class?” “Asanas on Ice” wrote in to Chow.com with the query, requesting an ethical/health check on pre-yoga buzz form A [...]


So we saw the headline “Credit Crunch Yoga” and thought it was our YogaTag pal (of the actual creditcrunchyoga.com). Alas, more than anything else, this post on trendhunter is an ad for Les Leventhal’s $20/mo podcast yoga. Shysters. And then we thought, well, $20 is OK, but there are plenty of yoga videos on youtube [...]