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Around October last year gadgety company Lenovo launched what they’d like you to think is the technological equivalent to yoga, and called it, well, Yoga. They came up with the catchy title for the flexy tablet/laptop thinger using ‘yoga’ as the code name at first, which ended up just sticking. “The code name was so [...]


It’s not just winter storms getting the yogi naming love. You can now get your yoga in the form of flexible gadgetry! The new Lenovo “Yoga” is a Windows laptop with a screen that bends over backward 360 degrees from a special hinge to effectively create a tablet. Laptops, they’re just like us!

How did the Lenovo crew come up with the hip and catchy name?


Like we needed another thing to confuse the meaning of Yoga. Ha. Joining other non-yoga things with yoga names like workflow software company Asana, meet the latest in handheld technological distraction devices: Lenovo’s IdeaPad YOGA. It does some super special 360 degree flip thing along with all the other fancy maneuvers of a tablet (ie. iPad) except…it’s a PC! So it’s a full-size notebook/laptap dealie (not the pocket-sized design rumored a few years ago) and is the price of one, starting at $1200, but it has the agility of, yoga? Will it wreck your body? You’ll have to check with Lenovo support on that one.


Dining with the Yoga Stars: If you’re a yogi (or not too, we guess) in Detroit, you could win a chance to dine with the city’s yoga stars! Er…really? “Yoga Stars“?  Gimme a break, we thought, it’s not even Russell Simmons! Then we saw the dinner is hosted by Buddy’s Pizza, whose owner found yoga [...]

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