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laughter yoga

In which The Grinch releases all the sounds trapped in his mind and it sounds eerily similar to what we might all be hearing around this time of year. Yeahh…you might want to turn your volume down for this one. We hear his heart chakra grew three sizes that day. —— More… 10 Cute and [...]


Yoga pants at the grocery store? You betcha. This cute and funny video parodies our obsession with wearing our athleisure suits out to basically everywhere we go. (Activewear sounds so much fancier with British accents, doesn’t it?) Though some people think yoga pants are ruining women, there are others of us who will swear by [...]


Far be it from us to find merriment in another’s failure. ahem. But we really can’t help it with this. Yoga Fails are something to laugh at because we all have them, and it just so happens this compilation is pretty dang hilarious. You may already be able to sense the shenanigans by these photos [...]


Now, this is some very serious business. Have you farted in yoga class? Wait! Before you answer…let us rephrase. Have you ever attempted to hide a fart in yoga class? Sure, we all do it, we’re human, we eat food, air gets trapped, it’s got to get out somehow! Yoga poses just happen to be [...]


“Welcome to the underbelly of the yoga world.” In a world…where yoga teachers are valued based on the number of their Instagram followers…praised for their savvy marketing skills…one freedom fighter exposes the false reality of it all, revealing the yoga lifestyle is not all its cracked up to be. Some people may wonder why we [...]


Here’s one for our hometown yogis! We know New York City living isn’t all glitz and glamour, despite Broadway’s best efforts. For all the people who live or have lived in NYC and know what it’s like to commute with crying babies, get gridlocked in midtown traffic, all while lamenting the pain of a breakup [...]


Yoga farts, crazy mats, kooky oms, oh my. The makings of a yoga class punked, but maybe not too far from reality? In this case, Australian radio host and punk master Jackie O aims to pull a silly prank on an unsuspecting yoga class, enlisting the help of British actress Sophie Monk who undauntingly plays [...]


That time the ocean reaaally wasn’t so into your beach yoga. Seriously, if it’s not cats sabotaging your on-camera yoga moment, it’s oceans. Beach yoga fail? Maybe, but they definitely succeeded in giving us a good belly chuckle! Watch and learn. No yogis were harmed in the making of this video. We’re not sure about [...]


World got you down? Meditation practice not cutting it? F*ck that. Send the children out of the room for this one. From the creative mind of Jason Headley, ‘F*ck That: A Guided Meditation’ is a no bs take on letting go of all the craziness and giving yourself a moment to say eff all that. [...]