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Did anyone else catch this last night? We happen to love Hollywood Game Night, and of course the Emmy-winning beloved and hilarious host Jane Lynch, so we were already tuned in when celebrity guest Amy Smart gave the whole room a yoga lesson. It went like this (please pardon our excitedly-snapped screen grabs): During guest [...]


OK that’s it. We’ve been reading a lot about actress Demi Moore and her yogi escapades for months. And now there’s news she’s run off with her daughter to New Mexico for some weird tantric yoga fest? The rumors are true! (that’s funny, you know, cause her daughter’s name is Rumer? ahem.) According to gossip [...]


Notorious celebriyogi Russell Brand is making headlines again, this time for his generosity. In a gesture that admittedly seems more Hollywood than Mysore, Brand gifted his yoga teacher Tej Kaur Khalsa her very own OmMobile*, a brand new Hyundai Santa Fe SUV, which cost him $33,000. Not a bad holiday bonus! And finally we have [...]


Today in the celebriyogi file…Russell Brand and Kundalini teacher Tej Kaur Khalsa chum it up for the kids and raise some Kundalini eyebrows. The two were sighted exiting a meeting “in support of homeless teenagers” according to the UK’s Daily Mail who snooped them out. Good for do-gooders.


by Toni Nagy When I first started yoga there were so many tangible changes to both my body and spirit it felt as if my practice were enchanted by magical sprites from another dimension of the multiverse. I left class feeling elated as blockages began to dissipate, and each practice had an impact that palpitated [...]


Perhaps it is planetary…or possibly the Mary Jane mamas live nearby, but there is a decidedly head-in-the-clouds situation settling down and making a home in many noggins as of late. No matter your mood, mire, or mental mixology, yoga has a fitting flavor. This week, Yogin Robbins is serving up drool-worthy, dizzying scoops of Chin [...]


Having trouble accessing that coiled serpent at the base of your spine? Try using a snake! A real one! Duh. It’s called Kumara Serpent Healing, and it’s an offshoot of Kundalini Yoga. As if folks needed another reason to be scared of “kundalooniness”  But self-confessed ‘mad snake lady’ and fearless teacher Kwali Kumara asks “what [...]


YD’s latest article for YogaCityNYC! —- Ad industry folks: Are you tired of trying to network at all those late-night boozie schmooze fests? Looking for something to finally relieve stress AND make you more productive? You need YIA: Yoga In Advertising! “Set the pathway for union between the self and potentiality!” No really, this is [...]