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Vikram Gandhi aka Kumaré aka documentary filmmaker who, in creating a fake guru, pulled the wool over the eyes of some unassuming folks seeking spiritual guidance, taught them to find the guru within with his Mirror philosophy, then spilled the beans revealing the regular dude in guru clothing, was a guest on The Colbert Report Monday night.


Timeliness is next to godliness. And filmmaker Vikram Gandhi’s latest release “Kumaré” comes at a time when the word ‘guru’ has dropped out of favor, taking you right into the center of the godforsaken conversation and delivering clarity by illusion, humor with one giant practical joke, and a light-hearted letting go of what you thought you knew as he holds your hand through it all.


by Alexandra Moga At the crossroads of fashion and yoga is the newest member of the style set to venture into mat-wear: Vivienne Tam. The Chinese designer launched her LI-NING x Vivienne Tam “Fashion Yoga Collection” Tuesday during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week here in New York with an outdoor public display of yoga. Oh, my. A [...]