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He believes in love, he believes in magic, and taking rides on dragons. This is what happens when kirtan meets Devendra Banhart. This song, “Let It Be Told,” by devoted Brooklyn yipster (hipster+yoga) Stevie Weinstein-Foner (SWF) “is like yoga for your ears” according to MTV Hive where it was recently featured. A self-described mystic/musician, SWF can be found [...]


What is Kirtan anyway? Watch these helpful and hilarious robot-erated videos and learn! Or be further flummoxed. Either way, repeat after us, it’s a good time… it’s a good time… “Will it rearrange MY insides? Does that cost extra?” And here’s the first one. Not as funny, but still a hoot in an uncomfortable, post [...]


Sadly, last year’s Zombie Yoga will not be returning this Halloween for a sequel (seems it was only a trailer for a new book). Bummer. But, believe it or not, there are actually a couple of events endeavoring to combine yoga and Halloween this year. Halloween Harvest Midnight Yoga at Laughing Lotus The studio’s usual [...]