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What do computer science and engineering have to do with yoga? Accessibility, if you ask University of Washington PhD student, Kyle Rector, who developed this “exergame” for people who are blind or have low vision and want to practice yoga. By using the Microsoft Kinect’s Skeletal Tracking, depth cameras and basic geometry, Rector and her fellow [...]


Obi Wan Yogi? Out of luck, these new yoga teachers will be. When you’re practicing yoga how do you know you’re doing it right? Is what the makers of Kinobi wants us all to ask ourselves. Their newfangled technology, when hooked up to the sensory gadgetry of Microsoft Kinect, will help you figure out those [...]


Breaking! Video gamers trade blasting bad guys for virtual yoga class!* Ha, just kidding. Microsoft held a big fancy launch party on Sunday night to kick off, and show off, Kinect, (previously known as Project Natal) and their new Xbox 360 contribution to the fitness gaming world, Kinect Sports (think Wii Fit). As part of [...]