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Kevin Smith

Let’s not get things twisted, this is some weird asana stuff. We’ve been talking about it, wondering what the heck it’s about and now it’s finally here, the trailer for Kevin Smith’s yoga superhero comedy horror Yoga Hosers has arrived. And it’s…pretty much as wacky as we expected considering the oddball premise: Take two convenience store clerks, [...]


Yoga Hosers, Kevin Smith’s quirky horror yoga superhero comedy just had its debut at Sundance. Sadly, we were not there to see it, but we did hear there were evil Nazi bratwurst sausages called “bratzis” the leading ladies have to fend off with their monster-squashing yoga skills. Yep. Not only is this a real movie, [...]


Filmmaker Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mall Rats) took to facebook Thursday to air his poetic thoughts on the secret of happiness, the pursuit thereof, and why we all need to notice that in the present, in the chase for “happiness,” we are actually the happiest. We’ve already won, people. “The good news is that the pursuit of [...]


Here’s Johnny Depp all dressed up and in practically unrecognizable makeup for his role in Kevin Smith’s highly yogadorkably anticipated, “Yoga Hosers.” The movie, which just finished wrapping up filming, stars Depp as Guy Lapointe, a reprisal of his Montreal man-hunter character in Smith’s “Tusk.” In the film, Lapointe steps in to help the Colleens (also [...]


Nevermind the time-warping fact that filmmaker Kevin Smith AND perennially youthful Johnny Depp each have 15-year-old daughters, we can’t get over that both of these gals will be starring in Smith’s new action-adventure film “Yoga Hosers” about convenience store clerks turned yoga superheroes. A film about yoga superheroes? From Kevin Smith? Yes, you heard that [...]


Kevin Smith and yoga, eh? Yeah, right. No, really. Director Kevin Smith has a new film up his sleeves and it sounds like something between “Clerks” and his yet-to-be-released “Tusk” and involves some yogi crime and hijinks. Entitled “Yoga Hoser” the film is based off of Smith’s Smodcast #288 where he read through a news article [...]