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Kent Katich

In case there was any confusion, men practice yoga, too. And we’d be willing to bet there’s a bunch of skeptical guys out there who have tried yoga simply because they’d heard some of their favorite professional athletes have taken to the practice to better their game, as well as their bodies, their minds and [...]


Hear ye! Hear ye! It’s basketball and yoga! Together at last, like PowerBars and Gatorade. And churning out headlines like: NBA players love yoga without growing ponytails. Thanks YAHOO! Sports! – extra exclamation ours. Turns out yoga is becoming more acceptable for regular dudes, but it’s still helpful to keep the fluff talk and granola-munchers [...]


What is that kooky yoda, yogurt crap anyway? Isn’t that for hippies and girls? Thank goodness Kent Katich is here to dispel such myths! Yoga guru to the NBA and baby daddy to Marie Constance (George Lopez Show), Kent Katich is taking yoga to the hoops. And don’t worry dudes, the b-ballers have NOT turned [...]