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Karma Yoga

Just 2 days left to donate and support Karma Krew’s 3rd Annual Peace by Peace Yogathon. Yogis from across the country have been practicing like fiends over the month of June to raise money in support of Karma Krew’s commitment to community-based social activism and bringing yoga to underserved populations. Get involved! You can start [...]


Because It’s Monday… Who says there isn’t karma yoga in household pets? Why here’s a perfect example of a sweet dog offering a kindhearted gesture to a kitty on a scooter in need. Prime, prime example. We can get supremely dorky here and describe how this is a metaphor for our efforts in life. On [...]

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We’ve seen yoga do a lot of things from abling disabled to the Thom Yorke shakti shake, so we’re hopeful about this one. March 12, 2011 – Join India’s Odanadi Seva Trust in a global yoga event to unite against human trafficking. Odanadi Seva Trust is a grassroots organization based in Mysore, South India, to [...]

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This year’s Yogapalooza is upon us! Yogapa-wha? It’s the third annual multi-city yoga event to raise awareness and funds for Yoga Bear, an inspiring non-profit org promoting wellness and healing for cancer survivors, and all those impacted by it, through the practice of yoga. inhale. And thanks to science, we know how yoga can profoundly [...]


Is donating your yoga mat really helping the people of Haiti? This image popped up on James Follows blog over at The Atlantic yesterday and has since been splashed across the web with the likes of Gawker, Boing Boing and HuffPo all having a crack at it, inciting references to Alicia Silverstone’s character in Clueless [...]


YogaDork T-Shirt for Haiti Design Winner(s)! (please scroll down for 2 tee options) Huge congrats to Heather! (#7) help.hope.heal Get Yours! $15*  click here to PURCHASE It was a tight race and we thank each and every one of you for voting! And to the designers, wow, sincere gratitude for your creative efforts and superior [...]


It’s truly amazing what people can accomplish when they join together and act. The call to support Haiti in this crisis has been resonating around the world, and we’re hoping the outpouring of assistance will keep flowing from caring communities to those in need. We’re especially proud of the way the yoga community has been [...]


NYC yogis, turn on your burgl-dar! A thief is running rampant robbing Manhattan shops and restaurants, and he hasn’t spared the yoga stops! Among the 22(!) targets, since late last month, of barber shops, beauty salons and fast food chains, was Pure Yoga on the Upper East Side! The yoga studio on 86th St. was [...]


We were just discussing the merits of doctors suggesting yoga to their patients. Granted, that was in TV-land, so let’s change that dial to something we like to call real life. It’s harder than it looks, and it’s even harder when this living thing involves coping with an often debilitating disease like cancer. Not only [...]