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The yoga program that sparked major controversy in Encinitas not too long ago has expanded to even more schools in San Diego and now New York City. Remember the huge lawsuit? Ultimately, concerned parents were unsuccessful in proving yoga was inherently religious and the program was able to carry on in the Encinitas Union School [...]


The latest dispatch from Encinitas: While most of the yoga-in-school drama has died down after a judge ruled that yoga’s not religious and therefore okay for students to practice it as part of the school district’s curriculum, we’ve been biding our time waiting for the promised appeal from the opposing parents. Well, the wait is [...]


Hold onto your school lunches, a trial date has been set for the civil rights case pitting parents against the Encinitas Union School District over free yoga classes. Their time in court will come May 20. As a refresher, a lawsuit, Sedlock vs. Baird (school superintendant), was filed earlier this year by two parents claiming the Ashtanga yoga [...]