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Justin Rosenstein

We already know yoga is a major perk at awesome companies, but it very well ought to be the cornerstone of office culture at a company called Asana. Need a coffee break? How about a few backbends to energize, instead. Chatting at the water cooler? Better be standing in the pose of the day! (Because [...]


YogaDorks want to know… You heard it here first! Whether they’ve kept this under wraps (or we’re the only dorks who care to know!) we at YD can reveal to you the meaning behind big time ex-facebooker’s, Justin Rosenstein and Dustin Moskovitz (fb co-founder), choice in the word ‘Asana’ for their new software start-up. We [...]


If a software company were a yoga pose… We thought YogaPop had already reached new heights. Meet the new yoga geeks! The nouveau riche yoga geeks from Silicon Valley with $9 million in their back pockets from investors, and the gall to name their new software start-up Asana. We kid you not! Who are these [...]