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Jewish Yoga

Meet the Kolbergs. They live in Israel and don’t miss an opportunity to practice yoga. Photos via Rachel Yula Kolberg, the lovely lady seen below in Iyengar style. Express yourself.


Free from the whole ‘is yoga a religion’ debate, more folks of varying creeds are finding ways to weave asana and even yoga philosophy into their own belief systems.


‘It allows us to blur the line between the physical and the spiritual.’ Damn it, is yoga religious or what? It’s been a major bone of contention, especially in the Western world, for as long as we can imagine and while there are plenty of teachers and practitioners out there trying to keep yoga and [...]


‘Yoga Girl’ Free Vector Download: For all you yogadorks and designer nerds out there we found a pretty goodie for you in our internet travels. This vector image is free to download and you can do with it what you wish. (fyi: briefly, a vector image is a super high-quality scalable and fully customizable image [...]


The Biggest Yogi for Weight Loss: Last week on the NBC reality show The Biggest Loser, housemates explored the the effects of yoga for weight loss, and the popular realization that yoga is harder than it looks. We’re not regular viewers of the show, but the clip of show trainer Bob Harper encouraging the group [...]


Jewish Yoga: Who says the goyim get to have all the Holy Yoga fun? Jews are embracing yoga and melding it with Jewish traditions. “Torah yoga combines prayers, passages from the Old Testament and themes from the Jewish calendar with classic yoga poses.” “Torah yoga, according to Hadassah Magazine, a publication of the charitable Zionist [...]