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Jessica Biel

And then there was that time Justin Timberlake did yoga on a boat in Barbados. Sure he’s got the European leg of his 20/20 Experience World Tour right around the corner, but isn’t that all the more reason to hang out on the open seas, do some water skiing and take in a little sun [...]


From the celebriyogi rumor mill: Jessica Biel kicked out of yoga class for etiquette taboo #9,0210 – verboten blackberry offense! Drat! And we just got done talking up her yogadorkiness and JB goes and pulls the contraband smuggler maneuver. Everyone knows cell phone use in class makes for frowny yogis, even in Hollywood, where smiles [...]


Friday Yoga Candy! Jessica Biel strikes her finest celebriyogi pose exiting the schmancy Soho-ey YogaWorks in NYC, on Tuesday AND Friday. But, heaven knows how much yoga Buff Biel squeezed in between then. Total dork! She’s in that “A-Team” remake that came out today, for which, according to celeb gossip sites she basically did her [...]

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