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Jennifer Aniston

“[I will] keep downward dogging until the fat lady sings.” Celebriyogi, doggie mat gifter, and favorite sexy “girl next door” Jennifer Aniston, using probably the most malapropos/apropos analogy for the audience, credited yoga during her acceptance speech for Decade of Hotness award at the Spike TV’s 2011 Guys Choice Awards on Saturday night, June 4. [...]


So on Wednesday’s show, Jennifer Aniston gave Oprah a yoga mat with her puppies on it. aww. Happy Birthday Lady O! While we find the exchange quite sweet, albeit somewhat awkward (see video), Oprah and her staff of 378 were on a vegan challenge this week – one liberal hippie thing at a time eh? [...]


Take a guess! In a time when luxury vacations include jetting off for Eat, Pray, Love-inspired world tours, what do YOU think a weekend retreat at an impossibly fancy hotel and spa with Jen Aniston’s yoga guru is worth? You may have to sell a kidney. Via SocialWorkout: Holy hot towels. Then again, can you [...]


If you’re a YD frequent visitor you probably know we love ourselves a good debate. We also love our pals at elephant journal! And who doesn’t looove Celebriyogis? *eye roll* OK so not everyone loves them a celeb endorsement and the folks at elephant journal took it to task and asked the perennial question, “Celebs [...]


Jennifer Aniston seems to be a real bummer in the boyfriend dept., but at least she has a nice bum! Yes, yes a fit bod is what these Hollywood celebriyogis find when they have all that spare time in between making lots of money, making Starbucks runs and dating Mr. Wrong! At least in Jen’s [...]


You may have a heard about a little movie called Couples Retreat coming out in the US this weekend…perhaps, for you yogadorks, it was a coworker’s gentle ribbing at the water cooler over the freaky (yet studmuffinly) yoga guy in the film’s trailer, or maybe the studio is overdoing its job and you’ve seen the [...]


The style tabloidy mags are all about celeb workouts right now huh? Which is funny because who besides celebrities can relate to these ludicrous exercise regimens? Must be nice to get personal visits from your yoga teacher for 2 hour sessions every other day! The latest issue of Us Weekly describes that as the norm [...]