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Jane Fonda

Fitness VHS goddess Jane Fonda is returning to what she does best- video workouts. Reconnecting with her lotus-roots, the soon to be 75 year old is releasing a DVD called “Prime Time AM/PM Yoga for Beginners.”

No longer in the business of sculpting your buns into steel, Fonda aims for an audience who can relate to age creeping up on them. She can count on her baby boomer audience to recognize her rightful place as virtual fitness guru; in the 1980s, Fonda produced more than 20 high-energy hard-core aerobic workouts.


Now YOU can be sexy is just 15 minutes a day! Whoa, hold the twinkies, are you talking about yoga? This is the marketing message of Tara Stiles’ new book Slim, Calm, Sexy, three little words that unlock a whole smorgasbord of emotions, connotations and a motherload of self-consciousness, maybe even worse than camel toe. [...]