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Distractions are literally everywhere, and likely hiding in your pocket.RIGHT.NOW. We have drishtis (or focused gaze) in yoga practice, but it’s looking more and more like we’ll need them to hold an average live and in-person conversation. This hilarious video from funny guy Michael Stusser (you may remember him as the guy in the sexy [...]

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What’s the rule again? Everyone say it together now: No cell phones in yoga class! You’ve seen this one, right? Boy that little pink yoga pig is really tapping on our last nadi. Everyone knows it’s not OK to be checking your phone in the middle of yoga class (barring emergencies, of course) but all [...]


by Kelly Barrett “Underneath everything in your life, there’s that thing, that empty–forever empty, you know what I’m talking about? That knowledge, it’s down there….And sometimes when things clear away and you’re in your car…you start freaking out like…I’m alone…” – Louis CK There’s a Conan O’Brien segment with Louis CK that’s making its rounds [...]


Genius! There’s no scarcity of yoga iPhone apps, heck Deepak Chopra has one, but why hasn’t there been something like this before?? Yoga quiz cards to help you study asana names? Yes, please! The fun and creative team at Drishti Yoga came up with the brilliant idea of what is essentially yoga flashcards for the [...]


Uh oh. Have you gotten started on your Sirsasana Challenge yet? Looks like the kids at YogaLocal NYC are way ahead of you! In an effort to be goofy, and to sell their new iPhone app, the YogaLocal team have pulled a Cora Wen, yogaing through the likes of Grand Central Station and sirsa-ing up [...]