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In the new connection economy, community is an invaluable asset. When people identify with a particular set of motivating ideas, those inclinations can easily be targeted to encourage behavior with either honest or nefarious intent. Too often, calls to rally the “yoga community” fail because they inadvertently become veiled attempts to follow a model of coercion rather than camaraderie.


What do you say, new addition to your fall fashion wardrobe? WANT! We found these down dogging kitty cat heels the only way one discovers hidden gems of interest and bizarrity, by randomly surfing the interwebs. The kitties are stretching and your toes and squooshing. Oh, the irony!   The purrrfectly named Miao 2010 were [...]


Advertising for yoga classes: you’re doing it wrong. Unfortunately, the yearly 9/11 anniversary inevitably gets exploited in some distasteful way, but we somehow least expected it (or would like to least expect it) from a yoga studio. However, a Bikram studio in Arlington, Virginia did not get the memo, and went ahead with promoting their “9+11=20% [...]


Tuesday, July 22, 2014 was a momentous day for the modern yoga lexicon – “iPhone Yoga” was officially added to the Urban Dictionary! What is iPhone Yoga, you ask? Currently there is only one definition and it sounds like it fits. No, it’s not about selfies, surprisingly. Upon further research we found there are a [...]


Because some things (all things?) in life are better on Instagram, areweright? Yoga, for example, it’s always more glamorous! And bare-skinned! And it’s number one on this Buzzfeed listicle of Your Life On Instagram Vs. Your Life In Reality we felt compelled to share in light of all the selfie discussion lately…and our silly sense of humor. So, [...]


The internet is changing. As access becomes more and more ubiquitous, established norms are quickly becoming outmoded. The usefulness and appeal of social media need to be reexamined across all sectors of culture. And the yoga world provides an interesting example.


Seriously, where would we be without the utter adorableness of Pancho the Yoga-Practicing Chihuahua Pup? Some of us might remember P-dawg from his first squee-worthy yoga video. We have to say there isn’t too much visible difference in his practice between then and now, but we yogis know that change isn’t always what happens on [...]

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Milo the yoga video kiboshing cat! All we can say is this little furry pal was not into his human companion’s selfie yoga practice video, and it’s really funny and cute. At least it was the camera and not her crotch. Hey-O. —— Earlier… Adorable Namaste Cat Does Morning Namaste Practice (VIDEO) How-to: Partner Yoga [...]


This daredevil decided it would be fun to strap a GoPro camera to his shoe and handstand on the edge of a 40-story building. You know, like it’s no big thing. Scott Young is his name and he’s part of 3Run, a group of Parkour and Free-running folks who often pull death-defying stunts like balancing [...]

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