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Integral Yoga Institute

From New Berlin, PA: In odd and disturbing news, Sudharman, director of Integral Yoga Center, 428 Market St., New Berlin, was found dead Monday evening in the studio. Right, we know people dying isn’t news, but the fact that authorities are “still trying to determine how he died,”  and will be running an autopsy, not [...]


Pepsi is generally known around these parts as the big megalomaniacal sugar-smacked corporate monster trying to rot our teeth and give us health problems, but every once in a while they do something to make us happy that even a portion of the gazillions of dollars of profit they make every year is put towards [...]

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We’re not sure we’re doing the Integral Yoga Institute any favors by posting this, but here we go… Remember when we got all bummer pants on you and predicted having to resort to food stamps to pay for yoga, and how the do-gooders out there should start an organization benefiting “Yoga for the Unemployed” ? [...]


Sadly, last year’s Zombie Yoga will not be returning this Halloween for a sequel (seems it was only a trailer for a new book). Bummer. But, believe it or not, there are actually a couple of events endeavoring to combine yoga and Halloween this year. Halloween Harvest Midnight Yoga at Laughing Lotus The studio’s usual [...]