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Singer Kelly Rowland has kept her pregnancy fairly quiet and MAYBE that’s because she’s been meditating through most of it! OK, not exactly, but she is definitely enjoying some prenatal yoga and meditation, posting this lovely me-time photo on her facebook and instagram just under a month ago. According to Celeb Baby Watch aka People [...]


Mermaid Yoga. Folks, DO NOT try this at home. UNLESS you have a partner with an oxygen tank and a life preserver nearby. Note: If you’d just like to see the pretty pictures cause you’re tired of words, simply scroll past our two cents of social commentary. These eerily enchanting photos of underwater yoga come [...]


Because some things (all things?) in life are better on Instagram, areweright? Yoga, for example, it’s always more glamorous! And bare-skinned! And it’s number one on this Buzzfeed listicle of Your Life On Instagram Vs. Your Life In Reality we felt compelled to share in light of all the selfie discussion lately…and our silly sense of humor. So, [...]


This is New York City, public displays of yoga are everywhere, but every once in a while you’ll catch glimpse of a famous face, or in this case, a famous face snapping the yoga “selfie” of his famous wife and child in a now infamous stroller-supported Warrior 3. Alec Baldwin isn’t shy to assist his [...]


Because doggone it, it’s so stinking adorable. Gisele Bündchen shares a yoga moment with her little 11-month-old daughter Vivian this past Saturday, then shares it with the world on Instagram. And the parents of the internets smile and respond in a collective AWWWWWW. “Thank you auntie Fafi for capturing this special moment,” the supermodel and avid [...]


by Kelly Barrett A few weeks ago I did something I never thought I would do: I changed my Facebook profile picture to a photo of myself doing yoga on the beach. The next morning, I walked into my office and the first thing one of my coworkers said was, “How do you even do [...]


Enter the age of yoga selfies. Oh, they’re selfless, of course. (Aaaand I’m being facetious. Of course.) Have a camera and a bikini? You too can be an internet yoga star! No, silly, you don’t really have to practice yoga. Ah, but what to make of this online yoga sharing, and over sharing, in an [...]