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Yoga keeps growing and seemingly so do the yoga-related injuries. And, surprise surprise, it’s not just students who are getting the injuries—though often we as a community don’t really like to talk about such things, whether the problems come directly from yoga or were exacerbated by the chosen practice. A few weeks ago, Jill Miller, [...]


In the pursuit of health through yoga, the challenge is often more about shifting ingrained sensibilities than addressing physical limitations. Attempting to tune, fix, quantify, purify or explain a human body, as though it were more a piece of equipment in need of optimization or repairs than a highly temperamental organism, is not likely to heal the wounds or set a necessary course for well being.


We’ll start this post with the closing line of William J. Broad’s latest New York Times piece about the safety/hazards of yoga: “Better to do yoga in moderation and listen carefully to your body. That temple, after all, is your best teacher.” Bill Broad, not a stranger to controversy in the yoga world, nor backlashes [...]