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Yoga, yoga everywhere. Can you guess which state has the most yoga studios? No doubt yoga has blown up like crazy in the U.S. over the past several years – it’s been ranked as a Top 20 Lasting Fitness Trend and even kids are practicing more yoga than ever before. It’s true, yoga is a [...]


When you have correct posture, your body efficiently resists gravity in the least stressful way on your physiological and structural systems. Posture is typically thought of as a static and statue-like position. How boring! In truth, posture is dynamic in nature, and managing it is a constant interplay between your moving body and the things you do with your body.


We know that health is typically a biggie when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, but this infographic shows how yoga, specifically, was a buzzworthy topic this year. Through the very group therapy-sounding method of “social listening” – basically crunching social media chatter –  online marketing agency Meltwater was able to deduce that health and better [...]


Infographics, we eat ’em up like maple pumpkin cupcakes of information! The writers – and SITTERS – of the world will appreciate this latest “Pose Before Prose” infographic from the fine literate minds at Electric Lit. “Writer’s block giving you a bad back? Plot twists leaving you with an aching neck?” It’s time for “Looking [...]


We at YD have a sweet spot for useful things (and maybe a special place in our hearts for skeptics) which is why we love this meditation infographic. The Skeptic’s Guide to Meditation is super duper useful, educational and so handily chock full of myth-busting info that we think you’ll love it, too. Created by Happify, [...]


  If you know us, you know how we love ourselves some infographics. Who doesn’t love information arranged in pretty images and designs? While we know the effects of yoga can’t really be whittled down to a few words and pretty pictures, these things sure do come in handy when inevitably people ask, what’s so great [...]


Sure, infographics tend to simplify things, that’s part of their appeal. We like this one about meditation and education because we keep reading and hearing about how meditation and yoga have helped kids do better in school, and in life. This just illustrates that! Click to enlarge. Infographic: Maili Holiman via edutopia.org —— Earlier… Study: Meditation [...]


  Seasonally appropriate. The Yoga Pie (Chart). 99% practice. 1% theory. Mmmmmmm. *Inspired by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009) who founded Ashtanga Yoga and was famously known to say, “Yoga is 99 percent practice and 1 percent theory.” —— Earlier… Handy Sanskrit Cheat Chart (sorta) What’s Your Yoga Style? [Infographic] Five Koshas Infographic Study Chart What Is Your Yogi [...]


We’ve all had trouble from time to time remembering the Sanskrit names of yoga poses. Utthita Hasta Peter Pan Pasta what? While not exactly the correct posture and alignment, perhaps these kooky flashcard-like thingies will help you remember, or least give you a laugh. Although, our dancer’s pose looks eerily identical to that.