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Set for June 21, International Yoga Day is rapidly approaching – it’s almost May, already! Are you excited? Well, get excited now because we have an official logo, and everyone knows without a logo, nothing is really real. Here it is! What do you think? The image was unveiled Wednesday by India’s External Affairs Minister, Sushma [...]


Here we are. It’s YD LOTW! Our semi-regular weekly post sharing all the linkies we might have missed or didn’t post about but are worth a mention. Check in every Friday for your weekly catch up. Sign up here for our weekly newsletter bringing you all the yogadorkiness straight to your inbox. A CT scan revealed the [...]

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Yoga marathon: oxymoron or samadhi-in-training? Some of us only wish we could practice yoga ALL the time. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily involve the physical practice of posing on our mats for 24 hours straight. Or for 40 hours, which is what 29-year-old Yogaraj CP just did the other day, setting a new world record for longest yoga marathon, [...]


It’s official, June 21st is now the International Day of Yoga. Says Indian Prime Minister Modi, “Namaste, motherf@*kers!” Kidding, of course. But he is quite elated. On Thursday, with 177 nations backing the initiative, the UN declared that the world will be observing a global day of yoga on the 21st of June, around the [...]


 Things are looking good for International Yoga Day becoming a real global holiday pretty soon. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seeing a swarm of support from the European Union (EU) as well as over 130 countries, including the US, Canada and China, who have signed up for a co-sponsorship of the global holiday. “EU supports [...]


India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, staying true to his mission to bring India’s traditions of yoga and ayurveda officially to the global forefront, or, some may say, capitalize on the growing popularity of these systems worldwide, has already created its very first department of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH), with Shripad Naik freshly [...]


India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants the world to adopt International Yoga Day. On Saturday, September 27th, Modi spoke before the U.N. General Assembly on matters related to terrorism, climate change, and the need for all of us to come together for a united day of yoga. Via Reuters: In his first address to the [...]


Happy Diwali! Above, a pretty NASA photo of India during Diwali, the annual Hindu 5-day Festival of Lights signifying the triumph of good over evil. Union over divide. Gizmo over the Gremlins.

Mahatma Gandhi has called Diwali a reminder and an opportunity to “Be the change you want to see in the world.” It just so happens to be on a new moon and a solar eclipse. Triple threat presto chango!


Oh, now all of a sudden everyone wants to talk about Baba Ramdev. Yes, the same Swamster Ramdev, yogevangelist who owns a piece of Scotland, has a 24/7 yoga TV channel with millions of viewers, has announced his desire to “shoot dead” corrupt politicians and has declared yoga the cure for everything, including cancer and [...]