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Yoga studios: they smell of a rare musky mix of tea tree oil, sweaty armpits and stinky feet! Mmm, deeeep inhale. There’s only so much burning incense can mask. And we’ve been in classes before where incense was burned all yoga long without a sip of ventilation, which we hesitate to admit had us longing for eau du body odor. This brought the incense issue to our attention and brings us to our recent informal poll with the simple question: do you use incense?

This triggered a multitude of varying responses from ‘hell no!’ to ‘absolutely!’ to ‘yes, but I never inhaled.’ Reasons not to use incense include allergies, asthma or it gives you headaches. No bueno. Of the responses there was about a half and half mix of yeses to nos, and those who said yes shared that they burned incense at home but not in class, or used it before class but not during.


Ah, the sweet smell of burning herbs and sandalwood. It’s how you know the yoga’s nigh. But what if we told you that smoky aroma isn’t helping your pranayama, it may be causing respiratory issues and maybe even cancer? Yikes! We recently spotted this blog post warning us all about the hazards of inhaling the holy smokes that are prominent not just in yoga studios but in other sacred or religious institutions.