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Hurricane Sandy

It’s a battle of the benefits. And that’s a wonderful thing! Yogis across the city and beyond have answered the call to help after Hurricane Sandy whether donating food, supplies or their time to pitch in. And we’re proud to say the help hasn’t stopped. If you’re not doing anything exciting this weekend, and even if you are, consider checking out one of these events benefitting Hurricane Sandy relief.

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This Halloween, Hurricane Sandy flew in on her broomstick like the wicked witch of the weather and swept through the Eastern seaboard knocking out houses, cars, trees and anything else in her path causing flooding, destruction and loss of power leaving many stuck at home in the dark, or for some, without homes. While the effects have been devastating, the show of supportive efforts from the community and people banding together to help each other out has been overwhelming. If you’re wondering how you can do your part we’ve put a list together from a few sources so locals and those outside


Whether you live on the east coast or not, you’ve likely heard Hurricane Sandy aka Frankenstorm! is coming to ruin our cities and Halloween plans. It’s not even the worst yet, and the shore is already getting pummeled by 60-85 mph damaging winds, crazy flooding is already an issue, many people have lost power and NYC is virtually shut down, with schools, businesses, the subways and yes, most yoga studios all closed. Mayor Bloomberg has advised everyone to stay the eff inside and ride out this megastorm.

But hey, what if you wanted to get in a little hurricane power workout or need to take a class? We received emails from the general managers of Equinox and partner Pure Yoga saying “We’re Open!” and asking us to “Make Pure Yoga your safe haven.” No they’re not opening up their gyms and studios as safe harbors and evacuation centers.