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hot yoga

The weather is heating up and pretty soon we’ll all be doing hot yoga right on the pavement! Some of us love the heat, while others could do without the heavy shvitzing. Here are a few ways you can prepare yourself for hot yoga, or summer yoga, depending. 1. Do a polar bear plunge right [...]

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Well here’s something potentially unsettling. Kind of a no-brainer headline (maybe?). Not to make your blood boil, ahem, but research is showing that your internal body temperature and heart-rate could reach super dangerous levels in this type of class causing the risk of heat-related illness if you’re not careful. A new study, sponsored by the American [...]


All you sweaty Bettys and Bobs can do a happy dance in your swamp pants. A new independent study sponsored by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) concluded that hot yoga poses no real threat to our earthly bodies, as in our heart rates and core body temperature don’t really change. Sure we all complain about [...]


Let’s just boil it all down. People are obsessed, obsessed with sweat. A recent New York Times article takes a look at the hot trend, literally, and asks the burning question: what gives, heat misers? Heated classes from yoga to spinning to crazy mash-ups of ballet, vinyasa and weightlifting are popping up all over Manhattan (and LA).


ACK! Leaping lizard pose! Just when we thought we’d seen all the hilarity we could handle from yoga satire videoland, these 2 clips may take the cake on the outrageous-shock-o-meter. The creators of these mini-movies are obviously scholars in the usage of foul language and the inner workings of hot yoga. You may indeed bust [...]


Like this woman’s fanny hasn’t already been planted on the hot coals, what with Illinois ex-Gov. Papa Blagojevich‘s scandalous federal fraud allegations. It’s simply not enough media attention! Patti Blago has turned to reality TV and will sacrifice her sweat glands for NBC’s “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here” set down in the steamy [...]