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Your YogaDork Neighborhood Report: Yikes. What to say about this one. Apparently a homeless man was getting his yoga stretch on near a playground in Palatine, IL, according to the local Patch report. Unfortunately it looked like he’d hung a noose around his neck in an attempted public suicide, and the authorities were called. “Officers [...]


Now for another edition of Yoga Heroes: To read and watch over again for shining inspiration. Down at the Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center in New York City, volunteer yoga teachers Sylvia Rascon and Jocelyn Stern guide their students – people struggling with drug addiction, homelessness, unemployment or all three and more – in [...]


We mentioned  a news bit just before the holidays about yoga for the homeless in NYC, adding that we hoped it might catch on. Well, needless to say we were pretty happy to read about Street Yoga, a Portland, OR based organization created to benefit homeless and at-risk youth with free yoga, because well, a [...]


Yoga for the ‘Om’less: Homeless NYers are honing their yoga practice. “I really want them to take all that pressure and stress and throw it out the window,” said Karen Nourizadeh, who teaches the weekly yoga class at the Mainchance Drop-in Center on 120 E. 32nd St. “I want to do yoga for people who [...]

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