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holiday 2009

Dear YogaDorks and dorkettes, it’s that time of year again, when we can all join together with family and friends, sharing love and appreciation for one another, and being thankful for yoga to keep us sane through it all! ;) Seriously though, ooey gooey warm wishes from YD HQ for a very happy holiday! candy [...]


Forget to send your holiday cards? Looking to save trees and relive the 90s at the same time? Try the ECard Maker! With midi files and animated gifs galore, make all your retro neon dreams come true. Because the 90s were so (almost) 2 decades ago! Happy Friday from YD! http://www.ecardmakerwebsite.com/


Tis the season to be giving! So this week that’s exactly what we’re doing round these parts. Giveaways galore! While it’s not quite the 12 Days of Christmas, nor the 8 days of Hannukah, we will have a few days of merry yogadorking! First up is this amazing collection of Yogi Teas! WIN: 20 boxes [...]


Dear Yogacist: I have a holiday dilemma. I’ve been practicing yoga for a few years off and on and just recently connected with a teacher who is amazing and has brought my practice to another level. With the holidays coming up and all, I thought that I should show my profound gratitude for my teacher [...]


Ahh, here we are December. This 2009 has been a wild and crazy ride so far, and now it’s almost 2010 already! But before we get all teary-eyed about days past and future, let’s talk about the present(s)! The holidays can have us bending over backwards trying to find the perfect gifts, but hopefully our [...]


Canada’s National Post caught up with the Santa of Yoga* himself, ‘Don’ Bikram Choudhury, fresh off another one of his sold-out speaking appearances. (He describes himself as the “busiest man in the world” which we all know is Santa Claus!) ‘Tis the season for giving (and receiving), so what did the jolly fella of megaton [...]


OK sure, it’s the end of November, only X number of shopping days left and you have so many good boys and girls on your list, and oh! is that another “50% off + free shipping if you spend $300” coupon code with a cherry on top?! Stop the insanity! Just for a few breaths. [...]


Good morning! Happy Day After Thanksgiving! Otherwise referred to as Black Friday here in the States. If you’re one of those early bird warriors perhaps it’s time for dinner since you set off for the races at 2:30am to snag the last $5 automatic toenail clipper! So worth it. If you’ve got any gusto left [...]

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Hey Happy Friday! The week before all the holi-crazies start! So what’s this, gray Friday? Beige? In any color we hope you enjoy the weekend and the tummy-space preparing for Thanksgiving goodies. WE will be working hard on getting a Holiday Gift Guide 2009 together for all the best Yoga Gifts and Gear for your [...]

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