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Hey Jay-Z‘s new album leaked! Don’t care? How bout when we tell you he gives yoga a shout out? Uh huh. And celebriyogi Russell Simmons. In his song entitled “Hate (ft Kanye West)” the Jiggaman sings about haters always raggin’ on him, further explaining why he’s no poser, and then why he IS! ..er.. just [...]


Many might remember talented rapster Eminem as a pale-skinned misanthropic, oft homophobic, misogynistic, Moby-bashing grump*. Well, lovelies, that was the old Marshall Mathers, before Rehab. Before he found Yoga, on his path to ‘Relapse‘… er something like that. Yes the very same 8-Miler who’s been known for his keen habit of slinging some other choice [...]


Well, people are really taking the yoga creative license to the limit these days, incorporating it into all facets of life and exercise programs. Yoga does have a rhythm to it, so we can’t say we’re too surprised by one of the most recent additions to the long line of yoga mutations, Hip Hop Yoga. It’s an obvious combination [...]

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