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When getting in formation means getting into goddess pose. Er, surfbort? Eep. Are you keeping up with these yoga trends? Hip hop yoga keeps blowing up and now we’re seeing specially themed (and semi-cleverly named) yoga classes appealing to an even wider range of yogsters. Enter…Bey-Asana. The brainchild of Houston-based couple Susie Edebor and her husband, Nosa (aka [...]


We’ve seen our share of “Yoga Girls” and “Shit New Age Girls Say,” but we have to admit this is the first openly queer “hip-hip” music video we’ve witnessed that is as hipsterifficly fashionable as it is sanskrittingly educational. Introducing “Yogue Out” from self-proclaimed “queer ass” rapper Kitty Crimes, straight out of Denver.


Tired of waiting for Jay-Z’s yoga rap album? Oh we know! Us too. But, alas, good news! Conscious rapper Dylpostino and London production team JetTricks will abate your hip hop yoga musical cravings with their new track “Practice”, a bonus jam off The All One Breath EP due out December 10th. Where’s the Def Yogatry [...]


“The show @runningrussell and the book remind us of our Atman (higher self) are we sure we like this image?” says @UncleRUSH Via his website GlobalGrind, “The upcoming docu-series “Running Russell Simmons” series offers an exclusive peek at the life of Russell Simmons — entrepreneur, entertainment and fashion icon, philanthropist and yogi –and the powerful [...]

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Meet the Yo Yoga bros! They’ll teach you asana, yo. Did we not mention this yoga hip hop phenomenon? So it isn’t the most technical instruction we’ve ever seen, but these dudes make yoga look approachable and fun. We totally want to go do plow pose on a farm! (the scenery changes may be our [...]


And then yoga took over hip hop! OK, not quite. But we’ve seen the likes of Common Jay-Z and 50 Cent give shout outs, and even Eminem dabbled for Recovery. So rappers aren’t exactly traipsing around in Om bling and gold studded mat slings. Not yet! But check out this new single “Yoga” from emcee [...]


Would you pay $5,000 for a private yoga class? How bout if it’s for charity, and hiphopyogi Russell Simmons were the teacher? If you’ve ever dreamed of such a scenario, today’s your lucky day! Mr. Simmons himself has ponied up his yoga skillz to support Farm Sanctuary’s “Peace for the Animals” Holiday Auction, and will [...]


Was it Jay-Z’s suggestion? Russell Simmons’ influence? Did Eat, Pray, Love finally make it to the rapper’s night table? Zealous rapper/producer Kanye West has been suffering from over exposure and injured ego after his infamous mic snatch from Taylor Swift at September’s MTV VMAs. Post-incident (which makes it about his 10th public offense in recent [...]


Jay-Z is a yoga fool! Well, sorta…we flipped out over the J-man mentioning yoga on his new album. Turns out he’s still a little mat shy, BUT tip-toeing ever so close to attempting the downward facing dog thanks to social activist songster and Mr. Gwynnie Paltrow, Chris Martin! You may have heard Jiggaman was just [...]