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Hindu American Foundation

Is India un-yoga? What? Everyone knows yoga came from India, right? Though it seems most of what we know of the practice today has come from Western influence, even in yoga’s motherland. Is this true? Don’t take our word for it. NPR has a story from Sandip Roy, an India-born American immigrant who’s just learning his downward [...]


UPDATED: Further commentary on the Hindu American Foundation’s “Take Yoga Back” Campaign, and Yoga history and connection with religion in general –  from authors Stefanie Syman, Mark Singleton, Deepak Chopra, and Hindu American Foundation co-founder, Suhag A. Shukla, Esq. Via Times of India Op-Ed – “Yoga’s appeal is universal” Yoga gives cultural weight to Brand [...]


Oh so much fuss! Who owns yoga? Who will save yoga? Who will stop yoga demons from taking over the world? Holy Hanuman! Do we even know what we’re talking about anymore? Jeepers. The latest yoga article in The New York Times spotlights the newest stirrings in the “I had yoga first” historical debate. It’s [...]