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Yoga pants ban? Nevah! Ever since yoga pants became an utterly ubiquitous staple in every female’s wardrobe, especially teenagers, school administrators have been wringing their hands over the tight pants dilemma, and many have actually been moved to ban them. The yoga pants bans, however, often have little support and barely any founding – the [...]


While yoga becomes increasingly welcome into the realm of academia, yoga pants are still the target of many a school administrator across the country looking to ban the stretchy leg-snugglers as “inappropriate” student attire. When students of North Haven High School in Connecticut heard a rumor about a yoga pants ban, they banned together in [...]


Oh no, we knew it was coming. The yoga pants backlash! What will Lululemon, Athleta and Abercrombie’s “perfect yoga butt” do now? Are yoga pants too revealing? Administrators at Loveland High School in OH say yes and have banned students from wearing them. According to the big bad school boards,  yoga pants fall under the [...]


Here’s your heroic yoga pants story of the week! Students of Battlefield High school in Haymarket, VA protested Monday wearing yoga pants in solidarity! No they’re not all super teen yogis, but they ARE standing up against a recently enforced no “form-fitting” dress code, including yoga pants, which has brought out the stretchy bottoms brigade. [...]


(possible *spoiler* alert) In last night’s episode of Glee, Mr. Shue was enlisted to teach the HS football team how to dance. What? Young QB and Glee member, Finn, read about NFL legend Walter Payton’s dance history, and concluded that that was exactly what the team needed to improve their moves on the field. And [...]


In our next installment of ‘Yoga is not too wussy for HS or football‘, come the Santa Monica Vikings! Let’s hear it for the boys! And Yoga. And coach Jason Battung who pushed through the snickers and giggles to help improve the team! Taking a page from the playbook of a handsome handful of pro-athlete [...]


Now here’s something to cheer about! By now we’ve heard lots of great news about pro sports teams adding yoga to their training regimens (LA Dodgers, Cleveland Cavaliers, Ireland’s Connacht Rugby team) and how some stars like Lebron James are inspiring kids by bringing yoga to schools. Elementary aged kids are even getting yoga in [...]