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Many of us look to yoga to soothe what ails us. And now there’s a prescription for that. Welcome to Yoga Rx. Along the lines of an urgent-care center, the yoga walk-in clinic is now in session. Going beyond Tara Stiles’ book “Yoga Cures” which was controversial for choice of language and antidotal claims, Yoga [...]


Yesterday morning I woke up with a sensation that’s all too familiar, a little scratchiness at the back of my throat. That’s how a cold/flu/sinus infection always starts for me. I’ve been throwing some herbal defenses its way and it doesn’t seem to be getting worse, but it’s not getting better either—yet.


Meet The Koronas, all-American husband and wife duo living near the West Virginia-Pennsylvania border and living all too close to the threat of heart disease. While Frank and Kathy Korona have lost many members of their family to complications of heart disease, they’re determined to fight their way to health and recharge their ‘ol tickers. How? Through a plant-based, meatless diet, meditation and regular exercise, under the coverage of Medicare.


As doctors, healers and delegates from all over the world gather together for the 4th annual World Ayurveda Congress & Expo in Bangalore this Thursday, December 9th, we have to wonder, should we be preparing ayurvedadork.com? Ayurveda, literally “science of life” in sanskrit, grew its roots thousands of years ago in, seeping into the Western [...]


Yoga does it again! Via CNN: A new study shows that yoga can help fibromyalgia patients relieve symptoms like pain, fatigue and stiffness by 30 percent, while cutting down dependency on prescription drugs, which just on their own have a long list of disturbing side effects. Side effects of yoga? Improved quality of life! The [...]


We’ve seen countless reports on what yoga can do for people with so many different conditions and dis-eases. New York’s Beth Israel hospital was so convinced of yoga’s healing power they set up a Zen wing! (courtesy of Donna Karan and Urban Zen). Cancer patients are offered recovery techniques like yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, reiki, and [...]


At last, all the secrets revealed! Yes, yet another take on the facts and fictions of yoga’s health benefits. Can yoga solve that aggravating indigestion after a hard night of cheap Indian food and chocolate brownie sundaes? No! Will it cure that pesky dry mouthed hangover after a weekend bender? Of course not! Worry not [...]


For those among us whose dorkiness spans the exercise gamut into long distance running (not us, we don’t have the will to torture ourselves like that), and who think that yogis and runners are of a different breed listen up. A yoga program specially designed for runners can be your ticket to conditioning your body [...]