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Speaking of overly briefness, here’s a 5-minute video on the story of modern Hatha yoga. Sure it’s not the most in-depth chronicling, nor the most thrilling recount (especially when it gets all A Current Affair reenactment) but we kind of dig these historical pop in your back pocket nuggets. Can you guess who the guru [...]


Hey, it’s the BIG BOOK OF YOGA! Every once in a while we come across some fabulous yoga resources on these vast interwebs, and we had to share this with you! Author Andrew (we don’t know his last name) Reece compiled a phenomenal book on Hatha Yoga and put it online for each and every [...]


Alan Finger has a long history in the yoga world as one of the founders of YogaWorks and creator of his own style of yoga called Ishta. And so it is no big surprise that he has made the move to open a brand new studio, naming it after his own method. Ishta is described [...]

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