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Hanuman Festival

Porta-potty peeper picked a pair of yogis… to spy on for his masterplan of spiritual porn pimping. This shit just keeps getting weirder. “I wanted to start a new goddess religion,” Porta-potty peeper Luke Chrisco told Boulder’s Daily Camera. “I always wanted to be a pimp or create a church of porn or a church [...]


Stop the monkey presses! This is some bizarre shit. If you were at the Hanuman Fest this past weekend in Boulder, CO you were privy to lots of yoga, hooping, bhakti chai-ing, MC yogi-ing, vendor villaging etc. (f you missed it, elephant journal has a fun recap) What you didn’t miss was a porta-potty peeing [...]


Hey, so have you ever been to a yoga fest? Seems this year you can take your pick! phew, we know. Yoga fests are the new yoga retreats. It can get overwhelming and perhaps a bit daunting, so we’re pretty excited to offer you a little booster. As a kickoff to the summer festivities and [...]