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Just because! Thanks to Y is for Yogini for her kooky humor and crafty pumpkin decorating skills. And it’s not Halloween without the classic Om-‘o-lantern, of course. Do you have any other fun yoga pumpkin carvings to share? —— Earlier… Annual YogaDork Halloween Costume Photo Contest Spooky Skeleton Yoga Exorcist Yoga! And the Top 5 [...]


And so it’s that time of year again yogi ghosts and ghouls, Halloween costume time! Get your tricks and treats out for this year’s spooky extravaganza.

It’s simple, just dress yourself up in a yoga-related or non Halloween costume, take a pose, take a picture, send us an email info(at)yogadork.com, post to our facebook page, tweet at us and we’ll count you in for the running to be 2012’s favorite Halloween Yogi! See contestant Zombiefied Cryptic Crow above for inspiration.


Hey spooksters and yoga ghouls, we’re off into November mode, but before we get too swept away into the holidays (eep!) we need your votes for the YD Halloween Photo Contest Finalists! Tell us what they’ll win, Bob. The yogi with the most votes will receive a $50 gift certificate for ANYTHING in the Drishti [...]


Happy Halloween! In the spirit of all-hallows-eve and knowing your bones, here are some spooky and/or rather awesome skeleton yogis via Heavy Metal Yogi. Can you name the poses and bony landmarks? —— Earlier… Metal Yoga: Megadeth Frontman Dave Mustaine Shreds the Yoga Mat Hardcore Know Your Anatomy? 6 Experts Weigh In On the Yoga [...]


So Halloween is upon us. ACK! Did we scare you? Yes it’s that time of year when all the boys and girls dress up as their biggest yoga nightmare! It’s also time for the annual YD Halloween Contest! OK creative, creeeeeepy yogadorks, this is where we get all Bob Saget, “AFV” Assignment America on you. [...]


And here it is.. the moment you could very well have been waiting for all week! The winner to the First Annual YogaDork Halloween Yogi Contest! With a whopping 45% of a Total 581 Votes – whoa! – it’s the spooooky Graveyard Jeff in Urdvha Padmasana in Sirsasana! Congratulations! Jeff has won an eKO SuperLite® [...]


It’s Exorcist Yoga! Because we just know whenever you watch a scary movie you’re thinking, “Hot damn! If only I could be as flexible as that possessed Satanic monster!” Right? It’s really impressive! Which is why we’re so excited to have come across this freakishly like-minded photo illustration from deathandtaxesmag.com, in review of just how [...]


Boo! It’s almost Halloween, are you dressing up? Get your cameras ready because this year YD is joining in on the treats for tricks fun. It’s a YogaDork Halloween Costume Contest! (above, zombies doing yoga. below, Bikram doing Bikram) Inspired by the hilarious post from YD pal Shanna, Yoga Inspired Halloween Costumes, we thought it’d [...]


What a freaky week! We’ve been attacked on all sides! Vicious competitive yoga, Playboy yoga bunnies, we can’t even eat granola anymore – our world has turned upside down! If you clicked on that Playboy Naked Yoga link by the way, judge yourself harshly. just kidding!  Well it’s Halloween weekend, the final days of October [...]